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Neighbours reveals who Home and Away star Esther Anderson will be playing

Former Home and Away star Esther Anderson will appear as a guest star on Neighbours next week.

The actress recently revealed that she was filming for the long-running Ramsay Street soap, although she kept the identity of her character a secret at the time.

Esther’s debut scenes will run on Channel 5 in the United Kingdom on Thursday, May 5.

Dr. Sian Caton, who works at the Erinsborough Hospital as part of Hendrix Greyson’s massive new storyline, has been cast in her place.

In the next scenes, Hendrix goes to the hospital to be checked up after some concerning coughing episodes.

Hendrix views this as a precaution because he thinks he’s just got a cold, but Dr. Caton informs him that he has a life-threatening lung ailment.

Dr. Caton informs Hendrix that a lung transplant is his only choice.


Esther is most known to soap fans for her role as Charlie Buckton on Home and Away, which she played from 2008 to 2012, when she was killed off. In 2013, she made a special appearance on the show when Charlie appeared in a vision to her old partner Brax.

Esther thanked the actors and crew for making her feel welcome on set when she announced her Neighbours filming last month.

“Thanks for the lovely greeting @neighbours,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I’m thrilled to have a small part in such a renowned show!!” #ramsaystreet #neighborhoodcelebration.”

Esther has subsequently announced that she and her husband Howard Moggs are expecting their second child.


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