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Neighbours’ Amy Greenwood left devastated by Ned and Harlow revelation

On UK televisions next week, a pleasant occasion for Amy Greenwood will turn sour for Neighbours fans.

Amy is currently moving full steam ahead with preparations to show some of her creations at Montana Marcel’s upcoming fashion show, but the event appears to be going down in history for all the wrong reasons.

In next week’s scenes, Ned Willis realises that pursuing a relationship with Amy is a waste of time.

After their private romance while lost on the River Bend excursion together, Ned believes his heart genuinely belongs to Harlow Robinson.

Ned decides it’s time to be honest with himself and resolves to break up with Amy after her design presentation is over.

Harlow later appears on stage as a model for Amy’s big event.

Things start out well, but Harlow is shocked when photos emerge showing her and Ned succumbing to temptation once more.


In the middle of the fashion presentation, the impassioned shots are beamed onto Harlow’s white dress for everybody to witness.

Amy is upset as she realises she has been terribly wronged, while Ned watches in terror as his terrible secret is revealed.

Amy is outraged by Ned’s betrayal and wants an explanation from him.

Ned does his hardest to apologies, but they both know there’s no way out of this.

Despite Amy’s sadness, Harlow is relieved that the way to a meaningful relationship with Ned now appears to be clear.

Could Ned and Harlow’s romance be gone before it’s fully began now that the truth is out and so many people are unhappy?


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