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Neighbours reveals new rift for Hendrix Greyson and Mackenzie Hargreaves

In subsequent scenes, Hendrix Greyson and Mackenzie Hargreaves, who are neighbors, will clash as she struggles with her rising modeling career.

Mackenzie will begin working for fashion mogul Montana, who is hosting a Fashion Week at Lassiters, in order to positively portray the trans community, and will begin to neglect her university commitments as Montana insists she perform more and more modeling work.

Mackenzie will continue to abandon her studies in scenes that will air next week, and Hendrix will no longer be able to hide his displeasure.

Mackenzie will accuse him of failing to support her new enterprise, while Hendrix believes she is becoming too self-centered and that he is losing touch with her true nature.

Will they be able to sort things out between themselves, or is this the start of the end for them?

We’re hoping it’s not the latter, because we all know Neighbours is winding down, and we’d hate for one of the show’s most endearing couples to be apart when the final episode airs.

Former star Zima Anderson spoke exclusively to Digital Spy about the potential of Roxy Willis returning in the last episode, which is set to air on August 1.


The Roxy Willis actress told Digital Spy, “There’s nothing in the books.”

“Chris Milligan, [Anderson’s co-star], I believe, is now back in the Gold Coast. I’d be pleased to come in and say hi if they asked. Roxy having a baby bump would be so much fun… In a heartbeat, I’d be there! It’s a thrilling prospect for them. I’m ecstatic for them and extremely proud of them.”


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