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Home and Away’s Justin Morgan to be attacked in Dimitri storyline

Justin Morgan of Home and Away will be the latest victim of Dimitri Poulos’ (Salvatore Coco) rage, when he is attacked and left in critical condition by Dimitri.

The major reason Dimitri’s son Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) turned up unexpectedly in Summer Bay last year was because Dimitri had been physically abusive to Theo – a reality that Theo has been trying to keep hidden from everyone.

The truth was recently revealed when Dimitri’s sister, Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou), discovered about Dimitri’s past of child abuse.

Dimitri accuses Leah of brainwashing his son and turning him against him while Theo has been living in the Bay, according to TV Week, in scenes airing this week in Australia and in little over a month in the UK.

Leah is taken aback by her brother’s bravado and orders him out of town and away from Theo.

“Leah’s perspective of her brother changes when she realizes what Dimitri has been up to,” Theo actor Matt remarked. “She won’t have anything to do with him until he gets his act together.”

Unfortunately, Dimitri is unwilling to comply with Leah’s request and hence does not leave Summer Bay. Instead, he shows up at the garage, still hot under the collar.


When Dimitri arrives, Leah’s partner Justin (James Stewart) tells him that he needs to own up to his mistakes. Dimitri, on the other hand, does not take this well and becomes aggressive once more, knocking Justin out cold before fleeing.

When Justin fails to return home after work, Leah goes to the garage to look for him, only to find her lover lying on the ground, barely conscious.

Will Justin be okay once she calls an ambulance for him? What will become to Dimitri as a result of his recent outburst?


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