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Neighbours’ Ned Willis makes a big decision in love triangle storyline

Ned Willis of Neighbours is about to make a decision about his divided feelings for Harlow Robinson and Amy Greenwood, his girlfriend.

Following Harlow’s reconnection with her London acquaintance, Corey, which sparked Ned’s jealousy last week, things are only going to get more uncomfortable between the two.

Amy will be the one to start the chain of events, turning to Harlow and Corey for assistance when she runs out of models during Fashion Week.

As Harlow tries to work beside the girlfriend of the man she’s slept with, the revelation will cause a lot of embarrassment for both Harlow and Ned.

Amy later interrupts the couple’s lunch date, appearing unconcerned with their discomfort.

Everything appears to be going according to plan as Harlow tries to cope with the circumstances she has found herself in… until Amy offers some surprising news.

Harlow also gives Ned a little wake-up call later in the week.

Harlow chastises him for his inappropriate behavior when he struggles to keep his emotions in check among Harlow and Corey.

He realizes that it’s probably time for them to take a step back from each other so he can gather his thoughts.

Despite his desire to Harlow, Ned appears to come to his senses and recognize Amy’s love and dedication after spending time in the place.

Finally, he is won over by his girlfriend, who is completely unaware of his achievement.

Will Ned stick to his guns? Or will he revert to his old habits and return to Harlow?


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