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Home and Away spoilers: John Palmer gives Roo some serious food for thought

In Home and Away, Roo Stewart (Georie Parker) is forced to sit up and listen when John Palmer (Shane Withington) speaks up about her quarrel with her mother Martha.

Martha’s (Belinda Giblin) unwillingness to get a life-saving kidney transplant has enraged Roo to no end.

When Roo offered to give a kidney so that her mother might receive life-saving surgery, she was taken aback when Martha declined.

Roo has struggled to understand things from her mother’s perspective and has accused her of giving up on life, despite Martha’s warning that it was too great a risk for her daughter to take.

Martha is currently residing in Marimbula, where she owns a cottage, and despite the fact that her health has progressively deteriorated since her departure from Summer Baby, Roo has refused to pay her a visit.

As far as she’s concerned, the only way to mend the schism would be for Martha to accept Roo’s offer of a kidney and undergo the life-saving surgery.

Meanwhile, Roo’s sad father, Alf (Ray Meagher), has been caught in the thick of the battle and has so far failed in his attempts to build bridges between his daughter and her mother.


Will Roo begin to see things differently after receiving some surprising counsel from John Palmer (Shane Withington)?

He gives her his view on the situation after hearing Roo chatting to Alf…

He informs her that if he had been in Martha’s place, he would have done the same thing since he wouldn’t want to endanger his children…

Roo, taken aback by his statements, realizes she hasn’t considered things from his perspective and wonders whether she’s misunderstood…

Could Roo eventually make amends with Martha as a result of this epiphany?

The Parata family is slowly regaining its footing after a traumatic few weeks as they grieve for Ari.

Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Tane (Ethan Browne) have returned from New Zealand, where they returned Ari’s body, and are helping to keep things together…

The family-run gym has reopened, but funds are short after being closed for a long, and there’s an expensive funeral to pay for, so everyone needs to pitch in to help raise some much-needed cash…

When Nikau tells Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett) about the family’s financial problems, he advises that she help by returning to work at the Diner, but Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller) reminds her that being busy is exactly what she needs…

Irene Roberts (Lynne McGregor) organizes several shifts for Chloe, but she quickly realizes she isn’t ready to return to work and walks out on her shift…

Chloe, who is struggling with her bereavement, reaches out to Nikau and Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller), but they are too preoccupied with bonding to notice.

The couple is stricken with remorse when they finally realize what’s going on…

Bella admits that she’s been too focused on helping Nikau through his pain, and she promises to make time for both of them.

Tane, on the other hand, is enjoying his time with Felicity and is grateful for her support as he dumps his troubles on her. In fact, he believes they have a bright future together… Is Felicity, on the other hand, feeling the same way?


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