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Home and Away season finale trailer hints at shock health crisis and motorbike crash

A shocking health crisis and a motorcycle crash are hinted at in the new teaser for Home and Away’s season finale.

The Summer Bay community will rally behind Mackenzie as she recovers from heart surgery in scenes that will premiere in Australia later this year and then travel to the UK in early 2024. However, they will be taken aback when she is subsequently discovered to be unconscious.

She’s been transported to the hospital for emergency surgery, and will be under the competent care of Bree and newcomer Levi. Will she be able to recover?..

Cash and Eden will travel into the bush for a romantic retreat somewhere else in the Bay, but trouble will arise when Eden encounters the more untamed aspects of the natural world.

She calls Remi, a tick stuck in her neck, and says she needs to be carried home. But while making the journey, tragedy strikes as Remi collides with an approaching vehicle; will he survive?..

The Australian soap opera is presently on a break in the UK, but fans can now relax knowing that older episodes will soon be available on the My5 streaming site.

Actor James Stewart recently commented on the action-packed episode, which concluded the UK run with a dramatic scene in which Leah and Justin found themselves imprisoned in a warehouse.

“I heard it sometime after we shot it, but I didn’t know it was the UK finale at the time,” he remarked. Since two actors seldom work together on a single storyline, I knew this episode would be exceptional. It felt really special that they trusted us enough to buy new cameras and a good portion of the budget.


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