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Neighbours’ Krista Sinclair star Majella Davis’ steamy romance with famous fiancé

Star of Neighbours Majella Davis debuted as Krista Sinclair on the series earlier this month.

Before making her debut, the character was part of a mystery plot; in October, half-sister Reece Sinclair (Mischa Barton) disclosed that her primary purpose in Erinsborough was to find her sister. Numerous flashbacks that Krista’s tale was conveyed via are contributing to the unravelling of the mysteries surrounding the new series.

It was discovered that Melanie Pearson (played by Ryan Moloney) was employed as Krista’s housekeeper in England and had left the nation to avoid being implicated in a cocaine trade. Later, to demand more money from Melanie, Krista got in touch with her again after starting an affair with Eden Shaw (Costa D’Angelo).

Melanie shoved Krista during their argument and refused to give her any more money. Eden appeared to have repositioned Krista’s body after hitting her head and fell into a pool.

In the soap opera’s Tuesday, November 21 episode, Reece believed Eden was the one who killed her sister, therefore the police were desperate to track him down and bring him to justice. However, an unexpected turn of events saw a very much alive Krista discovered during a search of Eden’s hiding place.

Actress Majella Davis leads a far less eventful existence away from the soap opera; she is happily engaged to fiancé Joseph Spanti. The pair got together while filming the 2021 short film Coffee Lover.

The romantic movie centres on a young barista who receives a clone from a man she turned down. Off-set, Majella and Joseph rapidly developed a romantic relationship. The couple posted an Instagram announcement of their engagement in September 2022. Majella held her partner’s cheek in a shared image while flaunting her brilliant ring.


“Partner in crime” was captioned by Joseph, who then included three emojis, one of which was an engagement ring. As the actress was writing, “Introducing my fiancé” Friends flooded the couple with notes congratulating them on their wonderful news.

Joseph refers to Majella as his “ride or die” in the affectionate photos that the pair frequently share on social media. Currently portraying the lead role of Danny Zuko in the Australian version of Grease The Musical, Joseph is no stranger to the spotlight.


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