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Home and Away’s Mackenzie Booth to suffer a second major health scare

Next week, Mackenzie Booth from Home and Away will experience yet another frightening health scare on British television when she fears she is having a second heart attack.

Scenes from the February 21–23 episodes of Channel 5 will show Mac recuperating in the hospital after her heart attack and subsequent surgery.

Mac acknowledges to surgeon Levi Fowler that she still doesn’t feel like herself, but she persuades Xander Delaney, a former paramedic, to look at her chart during their little alone time.

Xander is upbeat and assures Mac that her chart only contains positive information. Then, trying to console Mac, he talks about his own hospital stay from the previous year.

When Mac tells Levi the following morning that she’s leaving the hospital, it appears that she’s taken Xander’s words of wisdom to heart.

The following day, when Xander goes back to visit Mac, he is shocked to see that she is self-medicating against her doctor’s orders and doesn’t even aware he is there to pick her up.

Has Xander unintentionally compromised Mackenzie’s ability to bounce back from her significant health setback?


Levi is appalled by Mac’s determination to return home from the hospital. He tells his patient up front that it is dangerous for her to return home at this point in her recuperation.

Feeling a sense of duty to his patient, Levi confronts Xander for initially introducing the notion of returning home to Mac.

Xander responds that he knows Mac and that she will return home if she is that committed to doing so. He continues by saying that this is her choice and not his. Levi, however, responds that Xander is at fault and that he ought to be ready to accept that.

Mac isn’t feeling as at ease as she had planned to be back at home. She acknowledges to Tane Parata that she is actually more nervous right now because she is so distant from medical assistance in the event that something else goes wrong.

Later in the week, Mackenzie frets about the possibility of experiencing another SCAD episode, which causes her to stay up late doomscrolling. She soon realises that she could have cause for concern when she experiences chest pain when she wakes up the following morning.

Mac, feeling frightened, bangs on Tane’s door and tells him to call for help because she believes she is having another heart attack.

Is there another chance to endanger Mac’s life?


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