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Neighbours hints at new family ahead of Kyle and Roxy’s exits

Neighbours appears to have confirmed a fan hypothesis about the show’s new family.

Before the long-running soap’s August conclusion, showrunner Jason Herbison recently announced plans for new inhabitants on Ramsay Street.

For a long time, fans have speculated that the Rodwell family could become permanent characters.

Police sergeant Andrew Rodwell and his wife Wendy indicated interest in purchasing Number 26 in Monday’s episode, which seemed to confirm this.

Sheila Canning, who departed the show in February, has opted to sell the house after relocating to Los Angeles to be closer to her daughter Naomi.

After being invited by Levi, Andrew and Wendy joined the Ramsay Street residents for an impromptu celebration to honour Kyle Canning and Roxy Willis.

The couple also claimed that they were looking to buy a new home and that they had already gotten an alert from an estate agent that Number 26 was for sale.

Andrew and Wendy were impressed with what they saw and came home to discuss their finances after taking a quick look around.

Their one big concern was that their daughter Sadie, who was involved in framing Zara Selwyn for the recent fires in Erinsborough, could find it difficult to adjust.

Regardless, they chose to focus on the future, hoping that Sadie’s past misdeeds would not be a major concern.

Kyle and Roxy will be departing Ramsay Street in next week’s episodes, according to Neighbours executives.

Inside Soap recently spoke with Herbison, who said: “What I can say is that the next months will have a little bit of everything we know and love about Neighbours.

“There’s high drama, unexpected visits, an untimely tragedy, a plethora of romantic entanglements, and plenty of Neighbours fun.

“There is also a wonderful sense of renewal because we have a new family moving into the street.”


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