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Neighbours’ Georgie Stone talks future on soap and Mackenzie romance

Mackenzie Hargreaves, played by Georgie Stone, was going through a difficult time at the conclusion of the first season of Neighbours. Her husband Hendrix had died after an unsuccessful lung transplant.

The character, however, is currently at “a really great turning point” now that the soap opera is back in the air, and viewers have so far appreciated seeing her in a happy place with new housemates Haz (Shiv Palekar) and Byron (Xavier Molyneux).

Although Mackenzie is still hesitant to move on too soon, Stone has hinted that romance may be in the works for the character in upcoming episodes.

“Her current location is far better. “She’s happier and more herself,” Stone stated in a special interview with “However, she’s not sure if she’s prepared to move forwards and resume dating and relationships; she’s making that decision right now.”

The speaker went on, “She shares a home with Byron and a new character named Haz, played by Shiv Palekar, who is amazing. They get along well and have a great dynamic; it’s adorable and entertaining.

Additionally, there’s the doubt as to whether anything might be going on there. We’re seeing her in a much better and happier position than we did two years ago, so it’s absolutely much better.”

In the meanwhile, Stone stated she was still hesitant about specific future plans when asked whether she would remain on the show permanently or if her comeback was more about providing closure for the character.


“I’m just so happy to be back, I really don’t know at this point,” she remarked. And I’m finding the storylines they’re creating for Mackenzie to be very, really enjoyable. So, yes, I suppose we’ll find out. However, I’m really, really enjoying it right now.


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