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Neighbours actor Alan Fletcher releases single with former co-star

Alan Fletcher and Alyce Platt, who met on the set of Neighbours, have collaborated on a new tune called ‘Sorry Is the Word.’

The single is available today (April 8) and Fletcher’s solo album Dispatches will be released later this year.

“‘Sorry Is the Word,’ like a lot of tunes, came from my personal life experience,” he explained. “I’ve learned over time that pride and an unwillingness to accept responsibility and apologise is to blame for a lot of heartbreak and missed opportunities.”

“I believe that many marriages fail because each partner attempts to mould the other to suit their expectations rather than accepting and learning to respect each other’s defects and foibles.”

The song was produced by Lachlan Bryan and Damian Cafarella of the alternative country dream team, while Platt has prior experience in the industry thanks to her three albums Beautiful Death (published in 2004), Live from the Vault (2006), and Funny Little World (2008). (2015).

Fletcher went on to say: “I wanted to compose a traditional country duet. That has become such a popular medium for conveying love and sorrow stories. Duets allow for honest emotional responses while also allowing for sarcasm.”

The musical bug bit the soap star a long time ago, since he’s been a member of the Australian rock band Waiting Room since 2004.

Fletcher sings, Chris Hawker plays lead guitar, Jeff Consi plays drums, and Tommy Rando contributes as a singer-songwriter.

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