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Neighbours’ David Tanaka makes a worrying decision over his future

David Tanaka’s (Takaya Honda) future and relationship will be on shaky ground in the upcoming episode of Neighbours (at UK pace), as he deals with the fallout of his involvement in Gareth Bateman’s death.

Following David’s and Freya Wozniak’s (Phoebe Roberts) recent confession to the police, the residents of Ramsay Street begin to tiptoe around him.

He is advised to emphasize the post-traumatic stress brought on by the River Bend situation as part of his defense strategy for letting Gareth die.

This, according to his lawyers, could absolve both David and Freya of responsibility for Gareth’s death – but it’s unclear whether being acquitted will be enough to save their jobs and keep them out of prison.

However, the stress and trauma of his situation, as well as the weight of the consequences of his case’s decision, overwhelm David to the point where he becomes detached and distant from those who are attempting to assist him, notably his lawyer.

His disengaged attitude worries his husband Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson), who has done his best to keep things positive up to this point.

He had previously arranged some work shifts for Freya at The Shed and even brought David to meet with hospital boss Clive Gibbons in an attempt to make things better for the two (Geoff Payne).


His efforts, however, appear to be in vain when David tells him that he intends to accept the full force of the law, terrifying Aaron.

What will happen to David’s family if he doesn’t stand up for himself? Are they going to have to go their separate ways?


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