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Neighbours announces huge new Hendrix Greyson storyline

Next week, Neighbours will air sad scenes for Hendrix Greyson as he finds that he is very ill.

After experiencing some concerning symptoms, Hendrix agrees to have himself checked out, kicking off a major new narrative.

After Montana Marcel’s much-hyped fashion week ends in failure, Hendrix redirects his efforts to supporting his love Mackenzie Hargreaves in next week’s scenes.

After being asked to pose for the prominent fashion designer, Mackenzie believes she has been played for a fool when the huge event ends with Montana’s imprisonment.

Hendrix spends his time trying to cheer Mackenzie up, but his attempts are cut short when he has a bad coughing spell.

He chooses to go to the hospital for a checkup, convinced that it is simply a precaution and that he is suffering from a cold.

Hendrix is rushed back to the hospital after undergoing various tests to receive his results. He’s then taken aback when he learns that he’s sick as a result of saving Mackenzie from the recent Erinsborough High fire.


Hendrix has been diagnosed with sarcoidosis, an autoimmune illness that has attacked his lungs and caused his recent coughing.

Some early indicators of this have been shown on TV, such as when Hendrix coughed profusely while putting up the BBQ during a recent Ramsay Street garden party.

While sarcoidosis is typically easy to cure, in Hendrix’s case, it has already progressed to pulmonary fibrosis.

Hendrix’s only choice due to the severity of his condition is to have a lung transplant.

Later, Hendrix interrupts a heated argument between Karl and Susan Kennedy, who are still at odds over their doomed investment in Montana’s start-up company.

Hendrix explains what he’s going through to Karl and Susan, and they agree to assist him. Susan, on the other hand, warns Karl in private that he’s still on the hook.


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