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Harlow in danger, Glen caught out, and Terese in trouble: 7 big Neighbours spoilers

Secrets and lies can be deadly, and they could be in this week’s episode of Neighbours. Harlow (Jemma Donovan) has no idea what she’s in for with Corey (Laurence Boxhall), Glen’s (Richard Huggett) falsehoods are about to be exposed, and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is on the verge of tragedy.

Harlow has no idea what she’s getting herself into, and that’s because Core appears to be a shrewd cookie, skilfully concealing his true intentions. Despite what she may believe, he’s in town for a cause other than to get her into bed.

Glen is about to meet the only person who has the key to unlocking the mystery of Kiri’s (Gemma Bird Matheson) parentage. What will happen if his secret is revealed, and how far will he go to protect himself?

In contrast to all the hazardous lies that are being spread, the truth does not always set you free. David (Takaya Honda) makes a life-changing decision that throws Aaron for a loop.

Here’s what’s coming up next in Neighbours.

The Order is posing a threat to Harlow

Harlow seeks to Corey for romance after finally realizing she can’t have Ned. They begin seeing each other, but the sexual chemistry is non-existent. She is compelled to gently let him down, and he strangely accepts it without being upset in the least. The first red flag has been raised. This acceptance of rejection makes Harlow doubt if she made the right decision, and she is astonished to find that Corey, despite receiving the elbow, chooses to remain in Erinsborough. What she doesn’t realize is that he has a mission for her: to entice her into The Order. He’s caught on camera discreetly passing a USB to a member of The Order. What’s he doing with that memory stick, and what’s on it?

Love for Glen and Terese?

Nic and Chloe are coming too near to the truth, so Glen confesses his love for Terese to throw them off his trail. Nave Chloe believes the deception completely and tells Terese about it. She approaches Glen and tells him she doesn’t agree, and he swiftly backtracks, revealing that it was all a lie to save his neck. They both seem relieved, but is there more to it than that?


Freya is about to leave Ramsay Street

Freya is on the verge of going to jail, and with that looming over her head, she is desperate to make amends with Levi. He, on the other hand, isn’t having any of it. He’s had it with her lies and tells her he’s had it. After giving it some thought, he believes she has created nothing but problems, and he wants out. Freya is heartbroken, but she accepts his decision, knowing that she’s gone through worse and that she’ll be able to overcome this as well. She thinks that enough is enough and that it’s time to leave for Echuca.

David surrenders

While Freya confesses defeat, David appears to be on the verge of giving up. He’s not communicating with his lawyer, which raises red flags for Aaron. Aaron recognizes that his husband is losing himself in his belief that he deserves everything he has, and he knows that now is the moment to fight. He tries to make things better by offering Freya job at the Shed and setting up a meeting between David and Clive. Both well-intentioned initiatives, however, fail miserably. Is Aaron on the verge of losing his family?

Terese is on the verge of a meltdown

Terese is ecstatic with Fashion Week and the buzz she’s managed to generate, so she decides to go all out. Montana has no idea that she is about to be arrested, which will spell trouble for her. Terese persuades Montana to release the purse strings and allow her to push things even further, but she’s inadvertently sealing her own doom.

What’s the matter with Mackenzie?

Mackenzie is quickly eclipsing Hendrix’s recognition. She’s becoming increasingly erratic, which is causing issues with her studies and their relationship. He expresses his dissatisfactions, and she interprets this as a lack of support. The two buttheads are unyielding in their refusal to give up. Are they on the verge of a disaster?

Is Glen’s secret out?

Glen thinks he’s got Chloe and Nic’s scent-sniffing under control, but just as he settles in, a fresh spanner throws a wrench in the works. Kiri’s mother, the only person who can genuinely recognize him, arrives in town. He manages to keep his secret hidden when she shows up to the vineyard to surprise Kiri, but when Kiri invites him to dinner to meet her mother, he finds himself in a bit of a pickle. Nic is right there, ready to pick up the scent of falsehoods again as he spins a yarn to get out of it. She catches him off guard and confirms that something is wrong. As a result, she increases the intensity of her extraordinary sleuthing. And now Glen’s own brother Paul is on the verge of becoming suspicious. He notices Glen and Terese standing too close together for his taste and decides to investigate what his brother is up to.

Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, April 25.


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