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What happened to Roo in Home and Away? Explained

The much-loved character Roo Stewart has returned to the thrilling world of Australian soap series Home and Away, leaving fans on the edge of their seats and keen to learn more about the secrets and surprises that lie ahead. With Roo Stewart’s return to Home and Away, a dramatic story that has captured the attention of viewers worldwide has been put in motion.

A storm of emotions has erupted around Roo’s much-awaited return to the programme after she was away for several weeks due to a hospital transfer after a tragic explosion, especially for her close friend Marilyn Chambers. With the promise of redemption and character growth, viewers are looking up to new episodes with great anticipation.

In Home and Away, Georgie Parker’s character Roo was moved to a different hospital.
Due to her relocation to a different hospital following a terrifying explosion staged by the dishonest skincare business Stunning Organics, Roo Stewart was not present on the episode. Marilyn Chambers was the intended victim of the explosion, which caused anxiety and guilt that permeate the entire plot.

But Roo’s visit back to the Northern Districts Hospital—made possible by her father Alf Stewart’s request for a day pass—brought her closer to her family and laid the groundwork for a string of intense emotional outbursts that enthralled audiences.

When she came back, Roo showed her family, Alf, and their common friend Leah Patterson, a lot of love and affection. But to Marilyn’s dismay, Roo responded with icy coldness. Marilyn didn’t realise that her suspicions regarding Roo’s emotions were validated when she confided in Alf about her feelings of shame and challenges related to the explosion.

Marilyn was taken aback when Alf implied that Roo might be angry with her for not seeing her more often lately. As a result, Roo and Marilyn had an unplanned encounter during which the former publicly accused Marilyn of being to blame for the entire situation.

One crucial question still stands as Roo’s journey back to Home and Away progresses: will she ever feel bad about what she said, and will her friendship with Marilyn be able to withstand the stress of the explosion and everything that follows?


Roo Stewart: A cherished figure
January 20, 1988, marked Roo’s debut in the series. Georgie Parker and Justine Clarke are the two actors that have played Roo throughout the years. The popularity of Roo has been boosted by the character’s prominent participation in the show.

Her most recent 2023 cameos on Home and Away introduced new plotlines that captivated both devoted viewers and casual viewers.

On January 17, 1988, the Seven Network hosted the première of the Australian television soap opera Home and Away. With broadcasts in more than 80 countries, the Alan Bateman-conceived programme has grown to be one of Australia’s most popular media exports.

The show, which has captivated viewers all over the world for many years, centres on the lives and romances of the people who live in Summer Bay, a made-up coastal town in New South Wales.

One of Australia’s most cherished soap operas, Home and Away, continues to hold its place. The show’s lasting history is proof of the potency of storytelling and the emotional bonds created with its audience, from the thrilling turns to the poignant moments.


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