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10 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

A desperate Felicity connives Cash into giving her money so she may pay her blackmailer in the upcoming episode of Home and Away.

In other scenes, Xander confesses to Mali and Rose, while Irene is distraught to learn that John is leaving.

Here is the complete list of 10 significant events.

  1. Bree is serious.

Bree is still in shock after Mercedes’ kiss with Remi and is perplexed as to why she went after him if she doesn’t feel anything for him.

Mercedes, on the other hand, couldn’t care less that Bree was anxious. The musician has her sights set on the prise and is confident that it won’t be long before Remi finds he has nothing in common with his girlfriend.

Bree struggles to maintain her composure and faith in Remi’s loyalty. But when Mercedes keeps playing mind tricks, she thinks it’s time to confront her opponent for her affection.

Mercedes concedes defeat 2.

When Eden says Bree is on her way to see Mercedes, Remi is frightened and rushes to her side. Mercedes is proven wrong by the couple’s united front, and she decides it’s time to move on.

Bree makes no effort to persuade her to stay and complete the last recording session for Lyrik’s album. Remi appreciates her efforts and says they won’t miss Mercedes.

To everyone’s amazement, Mercedes, who claims the record requires her special touch, unexpectedly appears. A delighted Remi returns to Bree once the recordings are finished and the drama with Mercedes is finally over.

  1. Xander makes a startling admission.

Rose calls the police to look into Mali’s home after finding it vandalised. She argues that the graffiti’stay away from my wife’ is blatantly targeted vandalism, but Mali is confident he is unaware of it.

Later, a uniformed Rose is compelled to fulfil her duty and interrogate Mali in person about the danger, but he doesn’t appreciate her implying that he has been seeing someone else.

When Xander confesses, the riddle is finally resolved. Xander arranges a romantic supper for Rose and Mali as a form of apology. There is definitely love in the air, but who will say it first?

  1. Felicity’s extortionist raises the stakes

When Felicity’s blackmailer raises the stakes and demands $10,000, the horror is far from finished. Tane insists they must not yield into the danger, and Felicity begins to formulate a strategy for where to locate the money.

Cash calls the pair to the station and presents Felicity with a picture of her alleged assailant. Felicity realises she has no memory of that fatal night after seeing the photograph.

When Felicity gets home, Cash informs her that the suspect wasn’t the right person, and she becomes terrified that she will never feel safe again.

  1. Tane and Felicity become more desperate

Felicity keeps trying to scrape together the cash to pay her blackmailer as she is overcome with terror.

She and Tane try to use the accounts at the gym and Salt creatively as time is running out, but they soon realise they won’t have enough money to pay off her tormentor.

Felicity’s thoughts begin to race as she stands in front of the open till and observes the large amounts of cash inside. Will she take what she wants on her own?

  1. Felicity connives with Cash

Tane convinces Felicity to call the blackmailer’s bluff as the pressure grows. She accepts, but later applies for a loan behind her husband’s back.

When Eden shows Felicity a mix of Lyrik’s latest album, she gets an inspiration. Felicity contacts Cash and offers to hold the band’s record launch there in Salt while requesting money.

Felicity creates a new falsehood once he calls her lying into question. Cash says he’ll assist his sister but expresses concern to Eden that Felicity may not be being completely honest with him.

  1. John causes Irene to lose it.

When John and Marilyn return from Jett’s wedding, they are in a good mood. Irene is overjoyed to have John back at her house and lets on that she has scheduled a series of dinners for the two of them.

Alf advises John privately that Irene might be growing a little too accustomed to his presence. John acknowledges the necessity to inform his buddy of his impending move, but finds it difficult to do so, especially after she offers him a mouthwatering cooked roast.

John musters the guts to tell Irene the truth at last. She enjoys his straightforward manner, yet it’s clear that she regrets his departure.

  1. Justin and Leah are yelled at by Kirby.

Justin wants Kirby to take charge of Lyrik’s publicity because he thinks she gave Theo the lion’s share of it as payback for their breakup.

Kirby angrily disagrees, pointing out that Theo’s role as the face of Lyrik calls for it, and is enraged with Justin for casting doubt on her intentions.

Leah sends a delivery of muffins to Kirby in an effort to calm him down when Justin keeps pressing. Kirby objects to Leah’s intervention, saying that there is more to life than bands and boys.

Kirby confronts her anxieties 9.

Theo worries that Justin and Leah have made a bad situation worse when he learns that they have been talking to Kirby. He is correct, as it turns out, and Kirby decides to leave her position at the Diner.

On the beach, Mackenzie comes into a distraught Kirby, who confides in her about her problematic surfing past. Kirby paddles a board in the waves while Mac cheers her on and exhorts her to conquer her anxieties.

Theo is offended that Kirby would keep such a significant secret from him until he sees her ride out of the waves with a newfound sense of bravery.

  1. Irene feels lonely.

Marilyn realises Irene is considering John moving out while her attention is diverted at work by something else.

Irene confesses to Maz that she spends much too much time alone for someone who thrives in social situations during a walk on the beach.

Irene admits she never envisioned living without a significant other, but she acknowledges how fortunate she is to have a group of friends who support and adore her.


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