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TV star’s girlfriend delivers heartbreaking eulogy at memorial following ‘hideous cancer diagnosis’

Since his death at the age of 35 from brain cancer, former Home and Away actor Johnny Ruffo has been laid to rest at a public monument.

Six years after receiving a cancer diagnosis, the singer and soap opera star, who portrayed Chris Harrington on the Australian serial opera from 2013 to 2016, passed away earlier this month.

He passed away in a Sydney hospital with his partner Tahnee Sims by his side, according to a statement he posted on social media.

In observance of his life, about 500 people have gathered in Perth’s old school hall.

Among the attendees were Guy Sebastian, a former Australian Idol champion and judge on The X Factor, where Ruffo placed third in 2011. His former co-stars from Home and Away, including Lynne McGranger, gave the eulogy.

PerthNow reports that she mentioned his “sense of fun coupled with humility” throughout her address.

Speaking during the ceremony as well, his companion Tahnee said that Ruffo’s sense of humour had carried over into his final days and that his “big cheeky grin had brightened even the darkest of days.”

She claimed that she and Ruffo used to joke that they should have met later in life in the early years of their relationship, when they were both fiercely independent and career-focused.

In August 2017, four years into their romance, the couple received word that “there wasn’t going to be a later.”

Ruffo’s career had been booming, but it came to a complete stop once he was diagnosed with serious brain cancer.

But Tahnee explained that after hearing the heartbreaking news, they had made a decision to cram as much happiness, love, and laughter into each day.

“I will always be grateful because I know that not everyone gets to experience that kind of love,” the woman remarked.

John used to claim that I was his angel of protection. However, soulmates seems more true to me. He multiplied my generosity tenfold. And the majority of the time, he gave me courage and strength.

“I watched him through a horrifying cancer diagnosis for six and a half years, dealing with setback after setback and still acting with courage and gratitude until the very end.”

“I will miss everything about John,” she continued. I will miss him most of all for his ability to make me laugh no matter what the situation or joke was inappropriate. John, I adore you and I want to see you again.

To commemorate six years since her partner’s initial brain cancer diagnosis, Tahnee posted a tribute to him back in August.

She wrote, “What a fighter!” as the title for a post that had numerous images of them together and a number of pictures and videos of Ruffo receiving therapy.

Ruffo won Dancing with the Stars in 2012, and in 2020, he also had an appearance on six episodes of Neighbours.

After being admitted to the hospital in 2017 due to excruciating migraines, he was given a brain cancer diagnosis. That summer, he was hurried into surgery to have a 7 cm brain tumour removed from his frontal lobe.

Following treatment with chemotherapy and radiation, he experienced months of remission following the diagnosis; nevertheless, he disclosed in November 2020 that the illness had returned.

He verified the diagnosis was terminal in August of last year.


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