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Ada Nicodemou reveals life-changing Hollywood movie role

The majority of people are familiar with Australian actress Ada Nicodemou from her 20-year run as Leah Patterson in the television series Home and Away.

However, the well-known TV personality has released a scene from one of the greatest and most significant science fiction films ever made.

Based on their response to a recent Instagram post, it appears that a significant portion of her fan base was unaware that she was in the movie.

Ada shared a scene from the landmark Keanu Reeves movie The Matrix and captioned it, saying, “Reminisce about my cameo in #TheMatrix, where I played the White Rabbit Girl 🐇 🎬.”

Yes, Ada admirers, the 1999 classic Dujour, also known as The White Rabbit Girl, was the reason why Ada stunned audiences a year before she joined the cast of Home and Away.

Dujour, a vampire-like figure, paid Neo (Keanu Reeves) and her boyfriend Choi (Marc Grey) a visit at his flat to pick up illicit software that Neo had written for additional cash during his free time.

Her left shoulder bore a tattoo of a white rabbit, which Neo’s first encounter with Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) was arranged through.

Ada from the movie was recognisable to certain fans, but not to the majority.

One follower responded, “That’s so cool!” while another used an emoji of disbelief.

“OMG, you just told me about this now? I love this movie franchise!” penned an additional.

“What a fun experience I had!”

From modest beginnings to the success story of today. You’ve made great progress!” wrote a third.

Another person commented, “OMG, I’ve seen this so many times and never realised that was you. 😶😍.”

One fan exclaimed, “I remember that film, I can’t believe it, I didn’t realise it was her, goddess!”

Others found it impressive that Ada had to collaborate with Keanu for her job.

One individual remarked, “Wow, Keanu, did you go weak in the knees?”

“Oh, the hours you had to spend staring at Keanu!” Someone else made a joke.

“Just try to picture.”

One admirer commented, “Can this please be Leah’s costume in Home and Away?” in reference to Ada’s attractive ensemble in the scene that she shared on Instagram.

Another said, “I was like, ‘Is that Leah from Home and Away?’ I just started re-watching this last night for the first time in decades.”

Five years prior to The Matrix in 1994, the beloved character from Home and Away began her acting career when she was cast as Katerina Ioannou in Heartbreak High.

She appeared in Breakers and Police Rescue before landing a Sydney-filmed part in The Matrix.

Numerous more Australian actors were in it, including Hugo Weaving in the role of Agent Smith and Matthew Doran as The Mouse.


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