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Home and Away’s Logan Bennett doubts himself after complaints from two patients

Logan Bennett of Home and Away will be questioned about his abilities as a doctor next week on UK television after Marilyn Chambers and Dean Thompson both questioned his recent judgments.

Marilyn has already chastised Logan (Harley Bonner) for missing indicators that her poisoning in the gas attack was more serious than initially imagined.

Marilyn (Emily Symons) will file a formal complaint against Logan in upcoming episodes on Channel 5, needing someone to blame for the negative affects she’s still experiencing.

Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir), Logan’s girlfriend, tells him to leave Marilyn alone while the hospital investigates her accusations.

Despite this, Logan is adamant about figuring out what Marilyn’s problem is. Logan invites her to sit with him at the Diner when they run into one other.

Despite Irene Roberts’ (Lynne McGranger) efforts to get Marilyn to listen to Logan, Marilyn stands firm in her convictions and continues to chastise him.

When Mac learns that Logan approached Marilyn after they agreed he should stay away, she is furious.

As they exchange their viewpoints, the pair becomes enraged, and Logan eventually apologises, realising that he has aggravated Marilyn’s situation.

Marilyn is brought back to the hospital later that week after losing feeling in her legs for the second time.

Logan tries to assess Marilyn, but she screams for another doctor, accusing him of putting her in this situation in the first place.

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) happens to be at the hospital at the time and overhears Marilyn’s complaints.

Tori Morgan wanted to operate on Dean as soon as he came in the hospital following the automobile accident, Dean is reminded. Logan belittled her by suggesting a different course of action.

Dean wonders if things might have been different if Tori had been listened to, now that he’s unclear if he’ll ever be able to surf again.

Logan begins to feel helpless as the head of the Emergency Department when he realises Dean isn’t thrilled with him either, and he begins to question his own judgement. Will he be able to recover from his professional setback?


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