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The Voice’s Lachie Gill spills on Home and Away ‘cameo’ and joining the series

Lachie Gill made a surprising appearance in another well-liked Channel Seven series just over a year after winning The Voice.

The poignant tune “Hate That You Hurt,” which the singer-songwriter tells Yahoo Lifestyle was a “very cool feeling,” recently surfaced in a Home and Away commercial.

“It was really unusual,” he says. “I didn’t realise it was going to be on the advertisement, even though I had been informed it would be there.”

“I was expecting it to be in one of the episodes, where you would hear it right away and be satisfied, but instead it was on the advertisement and it kept playing.” Thus, I believe that I accidentally watched the advertisement five or six times simply by having Channel Seven on.

Lachie continues by saying that the fact that he is friends with the actress Jacqui Purvis, who starred in the promo, makes the milestone even more memorable.

He says, “It was cool to see that she was the main character in the ad. I’ve met her a few times just through all the music and events and stuff.” “So I sent her a message saying, ‘This is really cool!'” So, yes, quite unique.

“Performing is a different animal.”
Lachie acknowledges that he’s not sure if acting is something he wants to pursue, despite the fact that a lot of musicians have joined Home and Away over the years, such as Matt Evans, who moved to Summer Bay soon after appearing on The Voice in 2020.


Actually, I’ve talked to Matt about it. Not because I wanted to, but because I just asked him about it and we’ve become good friends, we were talking about it,” he says.

“However, I don’t think I’m cut out to be an actor; acting is a different animal.” I mean, I think I accomplished enough on The Voice, but not enough to really want to dedicate myself to an acting career. For now, I believe I’ll just focus on the music.

Lachie, who won the eleventh season of The Voice last year, is getting ready to release his first original EP, “Write It Out,” on November 17.

“Even though the show was over a year and a half ago, it seems like it happened very quickly.” But I can’t wait for it,” he declares.

“This kind of music makes sense to me, and I’m happy we were able to combine the songs into one project as it serves as a great example of the kind of music I plan to make for a very long time.”


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