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Who is returning to the Neighbours cast for Amazon Freevee revival?

It’s time to look for the ideal mixture once more.

Fans of Ramsay Street, it has finally happened!

That’s true, despite giving us the ideal conclusion earlier this year, the Australian soap series Neighbours has been brought back.

The stunning news that Amazon Freevee is reviving the show after it was previously cancelled has gone viral online.

Four cast members have already been announced, however other former cast members learned of the news before we did.

Who will be back for Neighbours’ Amazon Freevee comeback in 2023?

Stefan Dennis, a member of the Neighbours original ensemble, will return to the show to play the villainous but endearing Paul Robinson.

Paul and Terese Willis reconciled in the Neighbours 2022 finale, and although considering moving to New York, he chose to stay in Ramsay Street with her.

Will Terese accompany Paul back? Which of Paul’s kids will be living on the streets when the programme resumes airing on our televisions?

Kennedy, Susan (Jackie Woodburne)

Jackie Woodburne, who formerly portrayed Susan Kennedy, the lifeblood of Ramsay Street, will return.

Susan received the show’s tender final voiceover in the Neighbours 2022 finale as she remembered everyone who had lived on Ramsay Street and had since passed away.

Susan was happy to find that her neighbours would stay on Ramsay Street, though.

For the upcoming episodes, Susan will be back with her devoted husband Dr. Karl Kennedy.

Karl Kennedy, M.D. (Alan Fletcher)

Alan Fletcher, who played Dr. Karl Kennedy on Neighbours’ iconic golden marriage, will return in that role for the show’s relaunch on Amazon Freeview.

Karl was happy that his ex-girlfriend Izzy Hoyland done the right thing by divorcing their son Billy in the Neighbours 2022 finale.

The fact that their friends were staying in Erinsborough, despite the fact that many of them had planned to leave Ramsay Street, delighted Karl and Susan as well.

Rebecchi, Toadie (Ryan Moloney)

Ryan Moloney will once again portray Toadie Rebecchi, the in-house comedian and all-around nice person, on our televisions.

In the Neighbours 2022 finale, Toadie married Melanie Pearson after a few bumps in the road, and the couple opted to stay in Ramsay Street permanently despite considering moving.

When they next appear on our screens, will Toadie and Melanie still be dating? We’ll just have to wait and find out.

Who else might make a comeback to Neighbours in 2023?

At the end of the series, the following regular cast members were still on Ramsay Street.

Melanie Pearson is played by Lucinda Cowden.
As Nicolette Stone, Charlotte Chimes
Terese Willis, played by Rebekah Elmaloglou
As David Tanaka, Takaya Honda
Glen Donnelly, played by Richard Huggett
as Jane Harris, Annie Jones
As Leo Tanaka, Tim Kano
Kiri Durant is played by Gemma Bird Matheson.
Levi Canning, played by Richie Morris
Clive Gibbons, played by Geoff Paine
April As Chloe Brennan, Rose Pengilly
Freya Wozniak played by Phoebe Roberts
Amy Greenwood is played by Jacinta Stapleton.
Aaron Brennan is portrayed by Matt Wilson and Georgie Stone.
A number of former characters, some of whom were crucial in tying up the arcs of some of our main cast members, returned during the final weeks of the soap’s initial run.

For the final three episodes, Guy Pearce reprised his role as Mike Young and gave Jane Harris a happy ending that was romantic in nature. Does this imply that Jane won’t be coming back since Pearce isn’t expected to?

In the final episodes, Jodi Gordon returned to the role of Elly Conway to give Chloe Brennan a happy ending in terms of their probable move to Sydney. Will they both miss the revival, or could they both come back?

Natalie Bassingthwaighte returned to her role as the troublemaker Izzy Hoyland for the last episodes and ended up falling in love with Peter O’Brien’s portrayal of Shane Ramsay from the original cast, who was also present. We would be shocked if these two came back, and the same goes for Malcolm Kennedy, the son of Karl and Susan and Izzy’s ex (Benjamin McNair).

Could Ian Smith, who played the renowned Harold Bishop, return? In advance of the last episodes, he came back for a lengthy cameo appearance, so perhaps Harold will appear once more.


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