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Neighbours Spoilers – Krista Sinclair is still alive! What happens next?

Today on Neighbours, it came out that Krista Sinclair is still alive after Eden hid her for more than a year. What’s next for the people who live on Ramsay Street?

Luc��a Cowden played Melanie Pearson, and she went back to Erinsborough for Flashback Week to explain why she skipped town a year ago.

She told him at first that she broke up with Toadie (Ryan Moloney) because she wasn’t ready to be his stepmother to his kids, Nell (Ayisha Salem-Towner) and Hugo (Tanner Ellis-Anderson), but the real reason was much worse.

Amazon Freevee and Jackson Finter

Many years ago, Melanie worked as a maid in London. One of the girls she was watching, Krista Sinclair (Majella Davis), got into trouble with the law and started using drugs.

To do the right thing by Krista, Melanie stepped in to help with a deal one time, but she was caught on CCTV holding the drugs.

We learned about Melanie’s complicated story over four special shows last week. She left the UK on drug charges and went to Australia, where she met her future husband Toadie and reconnected with old friends.


She wanted to forget about her time in the UK, but when Krista showed up at her door on the morning of her wedding looking for money, everything changed. Melanie gave her the money, which Krista then used to pay for a trip around Australia with Eden (Costa D’Angelo) and Holly (Lucinda Armstrong Hall). Eden and Holly didn’t know that Krista was related to Melanie.

When Krista went back to Erinsborough a year later, Melanie pushed her into the pool during a fight on the roof of Lassiters. Krista fell and hit her head, which knocked her out.

Paul, Melanie’s old friend, planned to hide the body, and Melanie thought she had killed her.

But by the time Paul got to the roof, Krista’s body was gone. Eden was there instead, saying that he had thrown it away.

Eden forced Paul to pay him a lot of money to keep the event secret because he knew that a death at Lassiters would be terrible for the hotel’s image.

But in Tuesday’s show, the people of Ramsay Street found out that Krista is still alive and well after Eden kept her secret for a year.

Following Holly’s memory that Eden liked to hide out in empty homes that were going through probate, she and Haz (Shiv Palekar) set out to find him. They quickly found him and Andrew (Lloyd Will) caught him.

Holly saw Eden’s shirt in his van when he was being arrested and knew he wouldn’t still have it unless Krista was still there.

Holly and Haz rushed into the empty house where Eden had been staying and found Krista barely awake on a cushion in the basement.

Melanie divorced Toadie because she thought she killed Krista by accident, and Paul dumped Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) because she thought he had lied about her death. Since it has been proven that Mel is not guilty and Paul and David are likely to not be charged, it looks like all the excitement of the last two years was for nothing.

What does it mean for the two broken loves?

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The find also means that Reece no longer needs to look for her lost sister.

Not long ago, Holly had to tell her that her sister had died. Now, she’s about to find out that Krista has been right there with her the whole time.

In tomorrow’s episode, Reece rushes to Erinsborough Hospital to finally see her sister, but Holly has to tell her the bad news again: Krista doesn’t want to see her.

Holly tries to tell Krista that Reece has been looking for her in Australia for a few months, but Krista doesn’t want to hear it because she thinks her sister will only want to tell her what a “stuff-up” she’s been.

Krista tells Holly that she doesn’t remember meeting Melanie on the roof of Lassiters that fateful night. After the event, she only remembers going up the coast away from Erinsborough with Eden.

She also didn’t know about the money from Paul because Eden made up reasons for why he had so much cash on hand.

Even though Byron tries to get Reece to leave the hospital, she wants to stay until Krista is better and ready to see her.

The two sisters are finally reunited because she doesn’t give up. Krista says that Eden never hurt her physically, but he did keep giving her drugs with the money he stole from Paul and other small thefts he did later. Until they ran out of money, the two were staying at the nicest places and living a very fancy life.

Back on Ramsay Street, Nell is thrilled to learn that Krista is still living. This means that Melanie might not have to be charged with the crime after all.

The news should be told to Melanie by her lawyer, Toadie says, but Nell wants them to do it themselves right away because Melanie is alone in jail thinking she killed someone.

Susan and Jane go to the hospital to let Melanie know what’s going on. They tell Melanie that Eden is now in jail and won’t be able to get bail. Her worst fear is almost over.

Later, Nell gets to visit Melanie in jail because Susan tells Toadie that things have changed a lot and offers to take her herself.

Photos that will be released next week show Melanie getting out of jail and meeting up with Nell again on a bench at Lassiters. Once Toadie’s ex-wife comes back to town and spends time with his daughter, who used to be her stepdaughter, it will be harder and harder for him to stay away from her.

Amazon Freevee and Jackson Finter

Amazon Freevee and Jackson Finter

What will it mean for Toadie’s friendship with Terese if Melanie and Nell get back together?


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