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Neighbours spoilers: Mammoth twist in murder story as character ‘returns from the dead’

Here are some spoilers for the episode of Neighbours that airs on Tuesday, November 21, and can now be watched on Amazon FreeVee.

If fans don’t see a body, there’s a good chance that the character isn’t really dead, according to soap opera law.

The new twist in Neighbours is more proof of this.

Last week, the long-running soap shocked viewers with a special flashback episode in which Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden) talked about the real reasons she left Ramsay Street.

In a fit of rage, the famous character thought she had killed Krista Sinclair (Majella Davis), who was trying to get money from her.

Krista’s boyfriend Eden Shaw (Costa D’Angelo), who decided to keep quiet in exchange for a lot of money, helped her hide the crime with Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis).

He had no idea that Krista was actually Reece’s (Mischa Barton) sister, though.


Reece was crushed to learn that her sister, who she had been looking for for weeks, was dead. The truth came out in a spectacular way. While this was going on, Melanie was put on arrest and Paul became the most hated person in the world.

While this was going on, Eden was out in the wind. Holly Hoyland, played by Lucinda Armstrong Hall, was determined to find him and make him pay for all the trouble he’s caused.

After having an idea, Holly joined Haz Devkar (Shiv Palekar) in looking for possible hiding places where Eden might have been. Their last choice turned out to be the schemer’s home.

Eden ran away, but Holly and Haz were able to catch him in his van, which let Andrew Rodwell (Lloyd Will) and the other boys in blue catch him.

But while Eden was being taken away by police, Holly noticed that he was carrying Krista’s sweater. Holly dared to think that Krista might still be alive, so she went looking behind doors. To her surprise, she found the woman living, though she was clearly in need of medical help.

That is true, you read it right. Krista is still alive!

Melanie is happy because she knows she didn’t kill anyone, and Reece is upset and wants to talk to her sister in the preview for the next show. But will she finally meet her little brother or sister after all this time?


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