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Home and Away’s Felicity Newman hits breaking point over blackmail

Next week on UK television, Felicity Newman from Home and Away will struggle with blackmail demands and feel compelled to lie to her family and friends.

Over the course of the following two weeks, Felicity’s plot takes another unsettling turn when the attacker contacts her and makes threats.

The unidentified person adds that he has a video of Felicity’s assault and intends to release it unless she pays him $1,000. Tane Parata, Felicity’s husband, is hesitant, but she chooses to comply with the demand rather than calling the police.

In the programmes airing the following week, Felicity gets a new note that requests a larger ransom of $10,000.

Tane cautions Felicity that the blackmailer would simply keep raising the price as she begins to make arrangements to find the money.

When Felicity’s brother Cash discloses a fresh lead in the assault case, there is a chance that the predicament will end amicably.

Cash requests that Felicity visit the police station to view a picture of a probable suspect. Felicity still doesn’t remember what happened, so she can’t do anything to help.

Later, Cash affirms that fresh information indicates the suspect was the incorrect individual. Felicity is terrified that her covert blackmailer is still alive and overwhelmed.

Tane continues to caution against paying off a blackmailer, and Felicity makes a commitment to him that she won’t do so.

Felicity is frantically working to secure a loan behind Tane’s back in the hopes that it will allow her some time to handle the matter on her own.

When Felicity discovers that her Lyrik buddies have finished recording their debut album, she comes up with a new concept.

Felicity contacts Cash and requests for money under the guise of wanting to fund the Salt album launch for Lyrik.

When Cash brings up his suspicion that Felicity is keeping something a secret to his girlfriend Eden Fowler, she makes it clear that Salt won’t be taking part in the launch.

Felicity claims that she has been careless with her money and needs $10,000 to get her finances back on track when pressed to defend her dishonesty.

Although Cash gives Felicity the money, he reveals to Eden that he is still unsure of his sister’s veracity.


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