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Home and Away stars Lynne McGranger and Ada Nicodemou stun on ‘special’ wedding day

The weekend was filled with joy for Lynne McGranger of Home and Away as she witnessed her daughter Clancy wed her longtime boyfriend Luke Dickson.

Ada Nicodemou, Lynne’s close friend and co-star, was present to celebrate and informed her followers that it was a “special day”.

Ada shared a number of images and videos from the event, looking lovely in an all-black outfit.

“I love a wedding, but I especially loved being a part of my beautiful friend @lynnemcgranger daughter’s wedding,” she said.

It was such a special day, Clancy.

Clancy and Luke are a beautiful couple, and I send them a tonne of love as they embark on their new chapter as husband and wife.

Lynne, who dazzled as the mother of the bride in a magenta pantsuit, was visible in the video.

More pictures from the big day were posted on Lynne’s Instagram page, where one photo by Rabbit and the Bear Weddings featured Clancy’s gorgeous dress.

“Getting my baby girl ready for her big day,” Lynne captioned the picture of her tinkering with Clancy’s outfit.

Emily Symons, a co-star on the Home and Away television show, said, “What a special moment and such a beautiful photo of you and Clancy well done Mama and congratulations Clancy and Luke.”

Tahnee Sims, Johnny Ruffo’s girlfriend, commented, “So sweet.”

Lynne previously revealed more information regarding her daughter’s wedding, who is 31 years old, in an interview with 7Life.

She is our only child, and I recall her FaceTiming me to tell me, “So we’ve got a bit of news,” when we learned (about the engagement) in September 2021, the actress added.

She laughed and said, “I thought she was pregnant, which I wouldn’t have minded.

She said, “No mum, I’m not pregnant but…,” and then she pulled up her finger with the engagement ring on it when she noticed the expression on my face.

It was such a pleasant surprise, according to Lynne, that she “thought they were taking the mickey, I didn’t believe it.”

The Home and Away actress’s husband was aware of the situation because their prospective son-in-law had requested his approval.

Luke then contacted Clancy’s jeweller aunt and uncle for assistance with the ring.

So, according to Lynne, “(Paul’s brother and sister-in-law) knew and they kept it from me, which was kind of good.”

“What a sweet surprise,”

Laughing that it is “so hard” to keep such joyful news concealed, Lynne said that she would have battled to keep the information a secret.

“Even after she informed me, she pleaded with me to keep it a secret and I asked if I could tell my best buddy.

‘Yes, you can tell Maureen, but don’t tell anyone else,’ she added.

Can I at least tell Ada, I asked. Lynne continued.

“All right, you can tell Ada,” Clancy said.


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