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Home and Away death fears for Eden and Remi in 25 spoiler pictures

It’s time for UK fans to view the dramatic Australian season finale that aired Down Under last November, so expect one of the biggest episodes of the year on Channel 5’s Home and Away next week. (Relax—there won’t be a break in the UK broadcasts.)

Eden Fowler and her boyfriend Cash Newman go camping, and something goes wrong that could endanger both of their lives.

Wednesday, February 28: Cash catches Eden off guard
Cash is prepared to rough it for a few days, but Eden is hoping for a fancy hotel. He has planned a break for the two of them.

Wednesday, February 28: Bree goes for a motorcycle ride with Remi.
After Bree expresses her desire to push herself and leave her “safe and controlled” life behind, he comes up with the concept.

March 1st, Friday: Eden and Cash are still camping, but Eden isn’t having fun.

March 1st, Friday: Remi rides to the rescue
Eden had asked her best buddy to pick her up over the phone earlier. Later on, she had changed her mind, but Remi had already departed, so it was too late.

Friday, March 1st: Acquaintances Wes and Mickey drive by.
The siblings are arguing.


March 1st, Friday: Wes and Mickey’s vehicle approaches Remi
While they argue, the siblings lose focus on the road.

Friday, March 1st: Remi discovers he is in danger
The speeding automobile is getting closer.

Friday, March 1: The car swerves to be clear of Remi
However, it is now too late.

Remi is pushed from his motorcycle on Friday, March 1.
It’s an unpleasant mishap.

The bike is wrecked on Friday, March 1.
The results of Wes and Mickey’s careless driving have been disastrous.

March 1st, Friday: Mickey and Wes freak out
They’re unsure on what to do next.

March 1st, Friday: The brothers prepare themselves
The potential ramifications of this are obviously very grave.

Friday, March 1: Mickey and Wes decide to see how Remi is doing.
They think the worse may happen.

Friday, March 1: Wes and Mickey worry that Remi may be dead because he doesn’t appear to be breathing.

Wes and Mickey make a startling move on Friday, March 1.
They choose to hide their role in the accident and bury Remi.

Friday, March 1: The vicinity of Eden
Taking a toilet roll with her, she leaves the tent in the middle of the night.


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