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Home and Away’s Bree Cameron stands up to Mercedes Da Silva in Remi row

Bree Cameron from Home and Away will challenge Mercedes Da Silva in the continuing argument with Remi Carter.

Bree will learn in this week’s scenes that Mercedes tried to kiss her boyfriend Remi, and Lyrik’s destiny will remain uncertain in the meanwhile.

In the scenes from next week, Bree confronts Mercedes and inquires as to why she approached Remi, but Mercedes isn’t one to cower.

She declares her happiness that Bree is aware of the situation and reiterates her conviction that Remi and she are more alike than Bree is, hoping that he will soon grasp this.

Bree continues to have faith in Remi’s loyalty, and when they got into a fight, Remi decided to support his girlfriend.

Remi’s declaration of loyalty to his fiancée leaves Mercedes inconsolable, and Eden is unable to persuade her to finish a song for Lyrik back at the studio.

Bree tries to do the same thing, but Remi decides they were a band before Mercedes showed up, so they should finish the recording without her.

Then, much to their surprise, Mercedes shows up at the recording studio to offer her assistance, claiming that the song needed her unique touch.

Remi is delighted to see her again, but will Mercedes be able to avoid Remi as Bree’s watchful eye looms over her shoulder?…

In another episode of the soap opera, Matt Evans hinted at Theo Poulos’ upcoming moments by saying that the character would appear in some “epic” sequences in the future.

Next year is going to be even cooler because I have an awesome plot coming, he hinted. Theo will soon be going through some novel experiences, both physically and mentally, that he has never had before.


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