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Home and Away’s Irene Roberts opens up over loneliness in new scenes

Irene Roberts from Home and Away will talk openly about her loneliness in forthcoming episodes of the serial.

Following the incident, Irene and John Palmer have become close, leading to his decision to remain with her.

John would put an end to the talk after seeing how it impacted his ex-wife Marilyn. In part because Irene encouraged the rumours, there have been rumours of a romance between the two in Summer Bay.

Next week’s scenes will start as the estranged couple returns with uplifted spirits after agreeing to attend Jett’s wedding together.

When Irene admits that she felt lonely without John, John initially finds the comfort of his own bed soothing. However, his feelings are exacerbated when she says she had scheduled dinners for the two throughout the week.

John decides to tell Irene that he would soon be leaving and returning to his residence after receiving strong words from Alf and Marilyn; despite her disappointment, she demonstrates understanding.

Irene is preoccupied as she gets back to work because Kirby’s abrupt resignation has only made her feel worse about John’s absence.

Irene admits that she feels lonely while enjoying the company of others and Marilyn suggests a trip down the beach after noticing that all is not right.

She says that while she has many friends and family members, her life hasn’t turned out the way she had hoped.

Irene’s feelings are now known to Marilyn; is there a way to make her feel better?…


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