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Home and Away’s John and Irene upset Marilyn with romance prank

This week on Home and Away, John Palmer and Irene Roberts will annoy Marilyn Chambers by fueling speculations of a possible relationship.

The two have been getting close in recent weeks, and Summer Bay as a whole assumed that they were dating.

The two will take advantage of the rumours in the scenes that will air the following week, with Irene making it quite obvious that she will be John’s guest at Jett’s wedding.

Marilyn appeared to be affected by the information since she made up a lie about bringing a date to the wedding. Irene seems to be enjoying the ruse, while John seems uncomfortable with the prospect of upsetting his ex-wife.

The town appears to be thrilled with John and Irene’s relationship, but Marilyn tells Alf that she is happy for the couple even if she doesn’t understand why she wasn’t informed sooner.

Alf visits John and tells him that Marilyn has been agitated by the happenings as she plans how to hide her date-lie.

John, who is filled with guilt, tells Marilyn that he has overstated how close he is to Irene and that he would be happy to attend the wedding with Marilyn.


Will she think about going to the big day with her ex-husband now that the truth is out in the open?…

On another episode of the soap opera, Rose Delaney will discover a threat from an unauthorised intruder and discover a mysterious message.

The two are stunned to find the farmhouse damaged, with an ominous message that may be pointing to infidelity on Mali’s part, as she gets ready for a surprise romantic dinner with Mali.


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