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Home and Away’s Felicity Newman to share family decision with Tane Parata

A significant choice about Felicity Newman’s future will be made in upcoming scenes of Home and Away.

This new plot, which is scheduled to premiere in Australia soon, follows Jacqui Purvis’s character as she tries to save her marriage to Tane Parata. Felicity will inform her husband that she’s “ready” to begin trying for a kid, even though she has always been insistent that she doesn’t want children.

The couple had previously broken up due to disagreements, with Felicity telling Tane that she would consider becoming a mother.

The actor for Tane, Ethan Browne, told TV WEEK that “their conversation doesn’t really go as well as expected.” “Felicity is hesitant [to have children], and Tane is all for it.”

Felicity will have a change of heart and tell Tane she’s ready to conceive a family after realising how much he hurts.

Tane is ecstatic, especially now that he’s spent time with his loved ones in New Zealand and realised how much he wants to be a father.

“[Tane’s] approval from Felicity to begin a family is everything he could have asked for,” Browne remarked. He’s a little bit ecstatic.


But in her conversation with Tane, Felicity is obviously hesitant, giving the impression that she isn’t really committed to the choice.

Will she change her mind?


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