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9 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Next week on Home and Away, Matthew pushes Ari and Mia to their limits.

In other news, Nikau gets caught up in Theo’s antics, while Logan has a breakthrough with Marilyn.

Here’s a complete list of the nine major events coming up.

1. Ryder and Chloe call their quits

After finding Chloe’s recent kiss with Theo, Ryder confronts her. Chloe points out that she’s a free agent, and the kiss was initiated by Theo. As tensions build, Matthew, a newcomer, jumps in to defend his daughter.

Later, Chloe pays Ryder her portion of their loan. She then informs him that she wants to buy him out of the food business so that they may be completely divorced. In reaction, Ryder makes a selfless decision, telling Chloe that he doesn’t want any money for the company.

2. Alf stands up for Marilyn

Following a desperate call from Marilyn, who is still not herself, Alf arrives to Summer Bay. When Marilyn admits that she left the Diner because she didn’t feel supported, he is taken aback.

Alf is taken aback and confronts Irene, who explains that Marilyn’s behaviour has been out of control since the gas poisoning.

3. Alf is given a jolt

When Alf watches Marilyn berating Logan, which is utterly out of character, he realises that Irene was correct about Marilyn. Alf defends Logan and tries to persuade Marilyn that the physicians simply care about her well-being.

Marilyn ultimately decides to get some therapy after Alf and Logan make a breakthrough with her. Marilyn and Logan leave for medical treatment, leaving everyone confident that she will make a full recovery.

4. Ari throws a punch Matthew

Ari points out to Mia that if Chloe knew the truth about Matthew, she would avoid him like the plague. Mia refuses to tell Chloe about her painful past with Matthew because she believes it will be too much for her to handle.

When Ari and Mia see Matthew smugly waiting to pick up Chloe on their front lawn, an altercation ensues. Matthew insults Ari by reminding her that he is Chloe’s father and that she has no control over it. When Ari loses it and hits him, Matthew claims he has made a huge error.

5. Ari and Mia have been extorted

Chloe apologises to Matthew for Ari’s behaviour, but she makes a mistake when she mentions Ari’s criminal record accidently. This is great news for Matthew, who knows Ari would be sent back to prison if he reported the punch.

Matthew informs Mia that unless she quits interfering with his relationship with Chloe, he will report Ari to the police. When Mia tells Ari about it, he blames her of making things worse.

6. Felicity and Cash are celebrating an important anniversary

It’s almost been a year since Felicity and Cash’s father died. Cash is getting ready to attend an annual memorial, but he informs Jasmine that he doesn’t normally bring Felicity.

Felicity tells Tane that she won’t be travelling since she doesn’t believe the official account of her father’s death, which the rest of the family accepts. Despite the fact that every evidence goes to her father killing himself, Felicity believes he was killed.

7. Logan is confronted with another another dissatisfied patient

Dean sells his surfboards because he is unlikely to be able to surf again. Ziggy tries to persuade Dean to be more optimistic, but it’s in vain.

Logan later offers to pay for Dean’s drink at Salt, but is taken aback when Dean accuses him of ruining his life. Dean is convinced that Logan is to blame for his inability to surf, believing that he must have made a mistake while treating him in the hospital following the car accident.

8. After a prank, Nikau clashes with Theo

When John asks Nikau to wash the Polaris, his first day as a surf lifesaver turns out to be less exciting than he had anticipated. Theo, on the other hand, runs over and claims that someone is drowning. Prankster Theo takes the Polaris as Nikau speeds away, intending to utilise it in one of his web films.

When the vehicle runs out of gas, Theo abandons it, causing John and Justin to become enraged. That, however, pales in comparison to Nikau’s reaction when he confronts Theo in the Surf Club and initiates a brawl.

When John confronts Nikau about fighting in his lifesaving costume, he realises he’s made a huge mistake.

9. Martha’s health continues to be a source of concern

Martha is considered for home dialysis for a short time, but the physicians are concerned about her rapid deterioration.

Concerns grow that Martha will be unable to hold on for the life-saving transplant she requires, but Alf puts on a brave face, claiming that his wife fights harder than everyone else in the hospital.


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