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Home and Away’s Theo Poulos accused of betraying Lyrik in new scenes

Theo Poulos of Home and Away is expected to be charged with a shocking crime next week: betrayal of his band, Lyrik.

Recently, Kirby Aramoana, a member of Lyrik, decided to sign a solo recording deal with new manager Forrest Duke, causing chaos that UK audiences have witnessed.

Forrest informs Lyrik and their manager, Justin Morgan, that Kirby’s new representatives are refusing copyright permissions, which means Lyrik won’t be able to perform any of the songs that Kirby composed. Things only get worse for Lyrik and their manager.

Following the news regarding the copyright licences on Kirby’s songs, Lyrik’s scheduled show at Salt is under serious doubt in new scenes that will air in the UK next week. The unfortunate news that Kirby won’t be the only item missing when the band performs that night is delivered to Eden Fowler by Remi Carter.

Justin grovels before a Mackenzie Booth who is not very understanding. Angry Mac cancels the gig and accuses Justin of being unprofessional when he recommends that the band merely play covers that evening.

After Justin forwarded Mac’s complaint to Forrest, Mac made the decision to follow through. The next day, she boasted to Justin that Forrest had not only compensated her for her lost money but also granted her exclusive access to Kirby’s solo songs when the time came.

Eden, still suffering from this terrible news, is taken aback to learn that Kirby and Bree Cameron have arranged a house exchange.

Eden gets aggressive and declares that Justin won’t be controlling who she can talk to when Remi implies that the fact that Justin has prevented them from speaking to Kirby would make things easier.

Eden objects, saying that despite everything the band has been through, Kirby is still her friend. Justin responds that Eden is simply attempting to act in the band’s best interests and that his attitude hasn’t improved the situation.

Later on, Remi proposes a fix, saying his parents ought to connect them with an entertainment attorney.

Meanwhile, Theo is upset over Lyrik’s heartbreaking collapse. Leah Patterson-Baker, Theo’s aunt, is worried that her nephew is spending too much time in bed and pushes him to venture out more, citing his youth, talent, and accessibility to the world as reasons to do so.

Encouraged by his conversation with Leah, Theo tries his luck with Mackenzie, asking her to arrange for him to perform alone at Salt.

Theo receives two blows to his feelings: not only does Mac reject him, but Eden also hears what they are saying. Pained, she charges Theo of deserting Lyrik in the same way that Kirby did.

Later, when Eden’s loss of income due to Lyrik’s delay catches up with her, she is compelled to choose water over beer. Eden insists that she is not a charity, even though Mac gives her some shifts at Salt if she needs them.

She goes on to say that since she still has hope for Lyrik, she is not interested in looking for a new career at this time. Will Eden’s belief in the band be rewarded, or are they going to break up for good?


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