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Home and Away’s Rose Delaney makes a big decision in Jasmine plot

Next week, Home and Away’s Rose Delaney commits to Summer Bay.

Rose decides her future after a tough few days.

Rose and Xander recently arrived in the Bay. They announced themselves as Jasmine’s long-lost siblings, upsetting her.

Rose has trouble finding common ground with Jasmine in next week’s Channel 5 programmes.

Xander gets along better with Jasmine and seeks more time off to spend with her.

Rose admits she’s reconsidered living in the Bay.

Jasmine encourages Rose not to give up so quickly, but Rose thinks the new family dynamic is forced.

Jasmine feels bad for causing Xander and Rose conflict. Xander says sibling tension is normal.

Later this week, Rose returns to the Bay.

Cash Newman realises Rose’s return is about protecting Xander, not reconnecting with Jasmine.

Rose says Xander’s newfound attachment to Jasmine worries her.

Xander may apply for a paramedic job at Northern Districts Hospital, putting him even closer to Jasmine.

Rose, encouraged by Xander’s dedication, requests a move to Yabbie Creek.

Cash is glad Rose is trying, but will she and Jasmine still have trouble?


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