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Hidden detail in Home and Away episode: ‘Very interesting’

Home and Away is presently off the air over the summer break; new episodes won’t start airing until January 9 of the following year. The advent of “classic episodes” on 7Plus has delighted fans, who frequently use it to satisfy their cravings.

In order to draw attention to something that perhaps others had missed, one fan shared a screenshot from Brodie Morgan’s (Jackson Heywood) and Ziggy Astoni’s (Sophie Dillman) 2018 wedding. There was one well-known face among the guests.

In the episode, Kirsty Marillier, who currently portrays Rose Delaney on the soap opera, made an appearance as Rhea, Hunter King’s (Scott Lee) bridesmaid.

“I had no idea Rose had previously appeared in Home and Away! Have I been obliviously ignorant? In a Facebook group, the fan wrote.

This was the 2018 wedding episode starring Brodie and Ziggy. Under the “Summer Bay weddings” on the 7Plus app,” she continued.

Some concurred and claimed they “didn’t realise” Kirsty had previously appeared on the show.

Nope, it was so long ago that I don’t recall it, a fan said.


Another person said, “Very fascinating, wouldn’t have known her then, she must’ve been an extra, good on her.”

A third added, “Well that was a while ago and we wouldn’t have recognised who she was.

Another person said, “Lovely, nice on her for getting a full contract.

Others claimed that it was well known that many members of the cast had previously appeared as guests or extras on the soap opera.

One fan remarked, “I knew Kirsty had previously been in as another character.

A second remarked, “You’ll discover many of the actors have had a past guest appearance or been an extra.”

Another person chimed in, “John Palmer (Shane Withington) [had a guest role] also; he was the chopper pilot back in 2006; he was called Colin.”


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