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Home and Away’s Rose Delaney left confused by mysterious threat

Next week, Rose Delaney from Home and Away will encounter a mysterious message when she receives a threat from an unidentified invader.

Scenes that will show on Channel 5 in the UK and have already aired in Australia will make Rose feel uneasy around her boyfriend, Mali Hudson.

Rose is disappointed after Mali’s less-than-romantic proclamation of love because she had hoped the occasion would be more memorable.

Mali questions her brother Xander about Rose’s odd behaviour as he worries if there might be a problem.

When Xander explains the scenario to Mali, he realises that he hadn’t even noticed he had told Rose he loved her.

When Mali runs into Rose later, they agree that he will retract his remarks and they should just act as though nothing had occurred.

But later in the week, Rose confesses to Mackenzie Booth in private that if Mali had professed his love for her in a different situation, she would have reciprocated.

Mac urges her to express her feelings to Mali because she regrets not having the chance to do so with her own deceased boyfriend, Gabe Miller, before his passing.

Rose organises a romantic surprise for Mali at the farm after reflecting on Mac’s advice. She dresses up for the momentous occasion and makes a candlelight meal for the two of them.

The couple enjoys having Rose guide Mali home while she is blindfolded, but when they get there, they are frightened and shocked to see the state of the farmhouse.

A menacing message that reads “Stay away from my wife” has also been written across the tablecloth by the invader.

Rose wonders if Mali is the intended recipient of the message, and if so, does this suggest that he is secretly dating someone else.


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