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Home and Away’s Felicity Newman makes decision after unexpected call

In the Australian episode of Home and Away that aired on Monday (August 21), Felicity Newman consented to think about seeing her assailant.

As part of Felicity’s ongoing narrative, the long-running soap opera is investigating the topic of restorative justice.

Jeremy, the man who sexually attacked Felicity and then threatened to use her as a bargaining chip, requested to meet with her after his recent arrest, according to a phone call Felicity received last week. She then revealed the surprising request to her closest friend, Eden Fowler.

Eden warned Felicity against seeing Jeremy during her Monday visit to Summer Bay because she thought the encounter would be too upsetting for Felicity.

The police officer noted that the restorative justice scheme can have some advantages as Felicity turned to her brother Cash for additional support.

Cash arranged for Felicity to meet newcomer to Summer Bay Harper Matheson, a social worker with more precise information to impart.

Felicity was intrigued by the prospect of finding closure through communicating with Jeremy, but she was unsure of the logistics.

Finally, Felicity informed Cash and Eden that she had decided to meet with the programme facilitator to continue the conversation.

I want to learn more about restorative justice, so I spoke with the facilitator. I learned that I must go to a few meetings in order to begin the process, so I’m heading to the city to accomplish that. I’m not tied to anything by it.

“I can take you, if you think it will help,” Eden said. I’ll keep my opinions to myself, I swear.

In a restorative justice programme, persons who have been hurt by crimes are brought together with those who were accountable, allowing them the chance to talk about the consequences and hold perpetrators accountable.

The actress who plays Felicity, Jacqui Purvis, previously discussed this plot development in an exclusive interview with Digital Spy.

Last month, she informed us: “We ultimately investigate restorative justice. The plot is moving in that direction when Felicity really converses with the offender.

In October, Channel 5 will air these moments for Home and Away viewers in the UK.


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