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Home and Away introduces a new enemy for Cash Newman

In the ongoing Harper and Dana Matheson storyline on Home and Away, Cash Newman has a new adversary.

The character of Detective Madden, who debuted in the Australian episode of Monday (August 21), has been cast as Jonny Pasvolsky.

In a brand-new plot that is presently airing in Australia, Cash reconnected with his old buddy Harper and offered to help her clear her sister Dana’s name.

Dana is on the run after her boyfriend Ollie may have set her up with drug charges in an effort to protect himself. Harper neglected to reveal that she was keeping Dana hidden at Irene Roberts’ home when she asked Cash to look into the matter.

Detective Madden was introduced as the senior police official who had been in charge of Dana’s case in Monday’s edition of Channel 7.

Madden was visibly irritated to discover Cash interrogating him awkwardly about the probe and undermining his authority.

He made a strange phone call and stated: “I need all the information you can get on Senior Constable Cash Newman,” but he also seemed to have a deeper nefarious motive for not wanting Cash to look any further.

After Madden learned of Cash’s close friendship with Harper, he summoned him back to the police station for another talk.

Cash had neglected to mention this when defending Dana, and this gave Madden the upper hand.

“It’s not okay to do favours for friends, so why don’t you just stop this right now,” the detective said. Before you get into serious trouble, let me lock Matheson up.

Shortly after, Cash’s day took a turn for the worst when he discovered Harper sheltering Dana at Irene’s house, perhaps implicating him in their mischief.

In October, Channel 5 will air these moments for Home and Away viewers in the UK.


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