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Home and Away’s Rose and Xander face new struggles after tragic death

”It’s survivor’s guilt and it eats him up inside.”

Rose Delaney from Home and Away will find it difficult to help her sibling Xander cope with the loss of his coworker Jamie.

The paramedics Xander and Jamie had reacted to an emergency call in a remote location in scenes that have already broadcast throughout Australia. However, a group ambushed and attacked the two, and Jamie sadly passed away from his wounds.

In upcoming episodes, Rose will battle to help her brother, who is being destroyed by survivor’s guilt.

Luke Van Os, who portrays Xander, explained to TV Week that he suffers from survivor’s guilt, which consumes him internally.

While Xander’s physical wounds are starting to heal, he is having a hard time accepting what happened to him and Jamie and as a result, behaves erratically.

“Xander feels the pain for Jamie’s family and the loss of Jamie very profoundly… He said, “He wishes to do everything he can to help them grieve.

But as a result, he also acts a little carelessly.

Rose is unsure of how to assist her sibling and instead dedicates her efforts to apprehending the attackers.

Her hard effort pays off because the police are able to apprehend the drug dealer who ordered the assault. She pays a price for her endeavours though, as her boyfriend Mali Hudson ends up breaking things off with her.

She returns to Xander’s bedside, becoming even more concerned for him after he insists on attending Jamie’s funeral against the advice of Dr Bree Cameron.

“Rose is worried about Xander and his reckless attitude – especially while he needs to heal,” Luke added.

“She’s worried about him, which causes a few arguments between them.”

Will Xander’s actions cause a rift between the siblings?


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