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Home and Away to air emotional new Justin and Ava scenes

Justin risks landing in jail.

A tearful farewell between father and daughter Justin Morgan and Ava Gilbert will be shown on Home and Away as she departs Summer Bay.

The character, portrayed by Annabel Wolfe, went a little too far by fabricating a kidnapping story in an attempt to win Theo over. Without realising it was all a ruse, her father Justin attacked an innocent guy and is now in jail.

Ava is devastated by the idea that her father might go to prison as a result of her deceit as Justin, played by James Stewart, waits for his trial.

Ava is initially hesitant to leave the Bay, but when a resolute Leah insists that she must depart so that Justin can concentrate on his legal battle, Ava changes her mind.

According to Wolfe, “On the surface, it appeared as though she was evading both Theo and her grief.

But fundamentally, I think it was a last-ditch appeal for her father’s affection.

Ahead of her exit, Ava and Justin say their goodbyes, with him realising this may be the last time he sees his daughter before the sentencing and that he may spend quite some time behind bars.

While these scenes will air in Australia this week, they won’t be coming to UK screens until May.


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