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Home and Away star reveals the truth behind iconic scene

Star of Home and Away Kimberly Cooper shared some behind-the-scenes details about a famous moment she and Ada Nicodemou filmed in the past.

On the popular soap opera, Kimberley portrayed Gypsy Nash. She made her onscreen debut in 1998, left the program in 2002, and then came back for a brief stint in 2011.

Leah believes Gypsy is unhappy over Harry, the guy in the retro scenario. Leah sticks her foot in it, so Gypsy starts asking her about what she knows. Eventually, Leah gives up and admits that Harry, who Gypsy has presumably been dating, is in love with someone else.

Gypsy confronts Harry (played by Justin Melvey) and hurls an object at him while yelling, “Stop lying to me!” Then, in a typical softboi move, Harry tells Gypsy he wants to give their relationship another go (after this other woman, by the sounds of it, rejects him).

Gypsy yells at Harry to get out and throws another object before crying down as Harry exits. It’s an extremely dramatic moment that leaves Harry absolutely astonished.

The poignant moment was posted on a fan-run Instagram account honoring the original Home and Away, along with the appropriate message, “Do not mess with Gypsy.”

After that, actress Kimberley Cooper entered the comments section and discussed the famous moment with some tea.

“Fun fact: I was only meant to throw something the once. When I threw the second stuff the cameraman ducked,” Kimberly shared.

“And that’s the first time I’ve written ‘ducked’ and meant it!”

Fans were thrilled with the little bit of insider goss.

“Justin looks genuinely shook as well,” one fan replied. “Amazing acting here Kimberley.”

“You killed it!!!,” another person wrote. “Do NOT mess with Gypsy!”

“It must have been fun to film. Getting to bang doors and throw things and release any stress,” one person commented with Kimberley jokingly replying, “So fun I still do it at home!”


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