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Home and Away’s Johnny Ruffo shares heartbreaking update on terminal cancer battle

After beating his original cancer diagnosis from 2017, Home and Away actor Johnny Ruffo thought he was “cancer free,” but in 2020, he learned that the brain cancer had returned and was terminal.

Fans are heartbroken after soap actor Johnny Ruffo shared a heartbreaking update on his terminal brain cancer diagnosis.

Chris Harrington, a celebrity who starred in Home and Away from 2006 to 2016, was given a cancer diagnosis in 2017, but was later pronounced cancer-free in 2019. He informed his followers that it had come back in 2020.

He has now shared a number of pictures, including ones from trips to the hospital and a round of chemotherapy, to reveal his most recent development.

Five photos were uploaded by the actor, who captioned them “few snaps from life lately” and included a rollercoaster emoji.

As he endured more taxing chemotherapy, Johnny could be seen in one of the pictures sitting in a hospital chair. During the process, the actor had sandwiches on his lap, a coffee next to him, and was playing on his phone.

In some of the pictures, Johnny, who has appeared on the X Factor Australia, can be seen dining out with partner Tahnee Sims and her mother.

Before uploading a clip from the performance audience of Rod Stewart, he posed for a photo with Tahnee’s mother in the street.

Fans of the celebrity flocked to the post to express their best wishes for the actor, highlighting in particular the actor’s hospital pictures.

The celebrity recently celebrated his 35th birthday after saying at Christmas that he hoped to survive Christmas despite being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

He posted a happy birthday message and stated: “35 and sure feeling it!!!” Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. Grateful for another trip around the globe.

When Johnny first went to the doctor in 2017 for migraine treatment, it turned out he had brain cancer. That year, he endured an urgent procedure to remove a brain tumour.

He informed his followers that he had “beaten” cancer in 2019, but in 2020 he revealed that the brain cancer had, sadly, come back. The soap star revealed his cancer was terminal last year.

Last year, Johnny said on The Project: “It will eventually get me, but I’m still battling. I found that the typical life expectancy for someone with my prognosis and tumour was three years.

“And it has now been five years for me. I’ve already triumphed. My current objective is to live a happy life and attempt to assist as many people as I can.


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