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Home and Away’s Roo Stewart devastates Marilyn Chambers as feud story begins

Roo Stewart of Home and Away is scheduled to depart. Following Roo’s recovery, their quarrel plot begins, leaving Marilyn Chambers sad.

In scenes that recently aired in the UK, Roo was rushed to a specialised hospital ward following an explosion that was caused by a device within a box of Stunning Organics.

Naturally, it was Marilyn who first persuaded Roo to take on the dishonest skincare company. In upcoming scenes, which will premiere on Channel 5 next week, Roo informs Marilyn that their friendship is essentially ended due to their mounting differences.

The story opens with Roo being returned to the Northern Districts Hospital after spending time in the city healing from her wounds. With Bree and Alf’s assistance, Roo has been improving.

But Roo gives Marilyn the cold shoulder when she agitates her by offering cakes and an arm to assist her walk. Alf acknowledges that Marilyn is stepping on thin ice, which makes everyone feel tense.

While Marilyn and Alf figure out that Roo is irritated with Marilyn for not seeing her over the past few weeks, Roo worries about when she will be able to return home.

Marilyn chooses to talk to Roo, but Roo informs her that she is solely to blame for her predicament because it was Marilyn who contacted Stunning Organics.


Marilyn is trying to make amends with Roo, but Roo rejects her and orders her to leave the hospital. Even though they have been friends for a long time, Roo acknowledges that things change and she requires a long-term separation from Marilyn.

Although Roo is aware that she still has a long way to go before she fully recovers, she is more excited about Alf and Mali’s visit since she feels as though she owes them her life. Mali, John, and the others have all since recovered and are living their lives.


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