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Home and Away’s Dana Matheson to go missing after being caught out

Next week, audiences in the UK will witness a disturbing turn in Dana Matherson’s plot on Home and Away.

These sequences, which have already shown in Australia, show crooked detective Serjeant Madden exposing Dana. At Irene Roberts’ house, Harper is now hiding Dana, who was falsely accused of a crime by her ex.

Cash Newman, who has been discussing Madden with the police anticorruption section, is pressed by her for a meeting, but he informs her that he won’t be able to provide an update until the next week.

A clash arises when Madden, who is searching for Dana, shows up at Cash’s house because he has been assisting Harper in keeping her major secret.

Madden then goes to Irene’s house, but she urges him to leave after adamantly refusing to let him in without a warrant.

Irene throws open Harper’s door to discover Dana after dispatching Madden and demands an explanation from the girls.

Cash supports the two sisters but cautions Irene that it is illegal to have a fugitive under one’s roof.


Even though it would put her in danger, Irene is determined that her home should remain a haven for those in need and promises not to give Dana over to the police.

Later on, it comes to light that a resolute Madden has been plotting with another dishonest police officer, Fletcher, who has been surveilling Cash.

They storm into Irene’s house after obtaining the necessary warrant, and Dana makes it clear that she won’t let her sister Harper get away with it.

Dana will be taken in, the two cops declare. Cash, Irene, and Harper learn that Dana and the two detectives never arrived at the station. Dana has been taken somewhere.


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