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Home and Away’s Mali to dump Rose after Xander’s attack

Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

This week on UK television, Mali Hudson and Rose Delaney from Home and Away will experience a heartbreaking breakup as Mali decides to call it quits with Rose as they deal with the fallout from Xander Delaney’s attack in very different ways.

This week’s vicious gang attack on paramedic Xander and his coworker Jamie results in Xander being hospitalised and in critical condition after emergency surgery.

Mali goes to help Rose after learning what happened to Xander since he is concerned about how Rose will be handling her brother’s attack. It turns out that the couple, however, have quite different perspectives on what it means to support Xander.

Mali stays by Xander’s bedside in the intensive care unit while Rose, who is desperate to find out who put her brother in the hospital, departs in her capacity as a police officer to conduct some investigation.

Mali is alarmed by Rose’s apparent preference for her police inquiry and wonders what type of person would leave their brother in such a terrible condition in the hospital.

Rose, however, believes that finding Xander’s assailants is the best thing she can do for her brother.

Mali questions whether dating a cop would have been a terrible idea given the conflicting ideals of the couple.

Cash Newman encourages Rose to focus as she continues her research into the ambulance ambush. Rose locates the drug dealer and lures him into a police sting using a phone she obtained from a patient who was brought to the hospital following a suspected drug overdose.

The drug dealer flees as Rose displays her police credentials, but she is quicker than him and quickly has him in handcuffs.

Rose thinks that after the terrible incident, she can now finally breathe because she believes that justice has been done.

Sadly, her victory is dashed when she finally catches up with Mali and he abruptly breaks up with her.

Mali wants to date someone who prioritises the same things as him, which means putting family above career. He isn’t convinced Rose fits that description.

Rose is in a state of shock and wonders if she has been abandoned because she is a decent police officer.

Will Mali and Rose’s journey come to an end now?

These scenes are part of the soap opera’s dramatic fortnight, which coincides with the episode’s 8,000th anniversary.


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