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Home and Away’s Tane Parata to confront his cousin Kahu after more lies

Tane has had enough.

Australian pace episodes of Home and Away are followed by spoilers, which some UK viewers may wish to avoid.

Tane Parata from Home and Away will eventually face his cousin Kahu about his serial fabrications.

Kahu’s stay in the Bay had already had a difficult start, with Tane and Felicity’s recent marriage appearing to suffer as a result of his presence. Tane had also grown leery of his cousin’s request for a loan, which Kahu had claimed was made to get him out of a tight spot financially.

However, Kahu is compelled to tell his cousin the truth in scenes that will air this week in Australia and next month in the UK after Tane exposes him in yet another lie.

After their heart-to-heart, Tane is feeling good about their potential future together—that is, until Kahu doesn’t show up for work at the gym.

When Tane gets a call informing him that someone has used the business credit card to rent a houseboat, his suspicions grow. He locates the houseboat after becoming suspicious of Kahu and coerces his cousin into finally telling the truth.

Backing himself into a hole, Kahu finally acknowledges that he has become unable to pay his mounting debts after taking out loans to pursue his dream. Even worse, his mother has also applied for a loan in an effort to help support him.

Tane then commands a humiliated Kahu to tell his mother the truth, offering to go with him to New Zealand so that he can do so.

Jordi Webber, who plays Kahu, recently discussed the plot of his character with TV Week and said that Kahu’s antics are partly the result of neglect.

“Kahu appears to be all smiles and joy, but there is neglect and suffering hidden behind the grin. He was spoiled by his single mother growing up, he claimed.

“[He] needs to make a lot of amends and has a lot of things to figure out at first. However, I believe there is a genuinely wonderful dude there after that.


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