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Home and Away’s Cash and Eden face engagement row after prank goes wrong

Eden begins to doubt their connection after a ring joke.

In scenes airing this week in the UK, Cash Newman and Eden Fowler of Home and Away will argue over their future when an engagement prank goes wrong.

This week, Cash’s sister Felicity and her fiancé Tane Parata will finally get married after a disastrous prior attempt at a nuptial, and Cash and Eden will be there to support the happy pair.

However, Cash will experience a major shock when, the morning after the wedding, he wakes up groggy and finds that the engagement ring he had previously purchased for his ex, Jasmine, is now securely fastened to Eden’s finger.

Due to excessive drinking during the wedding festivities, Cash is unable to recall how the ring ended up on Eden’s finger and becomes anxious.

Eden decides to pull a practical joke on her lover by faking that he proposed to her after realising that he can’t recall what happened the night before. Cash plays along and presents himself as if he planned the engagement because he doesn’t want to dampen Eden’s good mood.

Eden makes it clear that everything was a joke and that the couple isn’t engaged after all as Cash’s remorse overtakes him and he confesses his ignorance.

An uproar When Eden tries to remove the ring off her finger, Cash loses his temper since he doesn’t find the situation funny.

As soon as Eden’s pride is wounded, she begins to wonder why Cash seems to find the prospect of being engaged to her so repugnant and wonders if the thought of getting married to her would be so awful.

Bruised According to Eden, there are two kinds of women: those that men marry and those that they do not. Eden is persuaded that the latter is the case because her prank seems to have gone so horribly wrong.

Cash quickly disproves this, though, by giving musician Eden a new charm bracelet that features a treble clef charm.

After that, he throws away the old engagement ring, eager to let go of the past and start anew with Eden.

Although an engagement may not be in the cards for the couple right now, it appears like their romance may be picking up again.


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