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Home and Away’s Georgie Parker opens up on future career plan after announcing soap exit

Actress Georgie Parker of Home and Away said she is taking a long vacation from the Channel 5 soap opera but acknowledged that her future as Roo greatly depends on someone else.

Georgie Parker, a popular cast member of Home and Away, is taking a long hiatus from the drama to perform on stage.

Since 2010, the actress has played Roo Stewart in place of Justine Clarke, who left the part in 1989.

The 58-year-old said she is leaving the show temporarily and that she has no intentions to return.

Ray Meagher, who has intermittently portrayed Georgie’s on-screen father, Alf Stewart, since the show’s debut episode in 1988, had a significant role in her decision to stay in Summer Bay.

Since I play his daughter and my plot centres around him, I wouldn’t leave while he is present, Georgie admitted to Yahoo Lifestyle.

It’s a relief to the fans who have been heartbroken by the departures of Paddy O’Connor and Sophie Dillman since it’s obvious they don’t want to see the character go.

“Please don’t leave, you are a great actor,” one begged on social media. Keep staying because you are loved by everyone in Summer Bay.

Another said, “Love Georgie. She is a fantastic performer, and she, Alf, Irene, John, and Marilyn’s characters are what make Home and Away what it is.

Then someone else said, “I love Georgie Parker, it [wouldn’t] be the same without you.”

The brunette beauty said she feels “very fortunate” to be able to take on other projects in addition to Home and Away. She will be taking a seven-week vacation from Home and Away to star in the play Rhinestone Rex and Miss Monica.

“I’m very fortunate that [producers] are very flexible, and they let me go to do other things, which is very important for me,” she told the outlet. I’m so appreciative of it.

In the show that aired on Friday, June 8, Roo declined Marilyn’s invitation to serve as a brand ambassador for Stunning Organics and suggested that she buy something instead.

But when Roo put on a face mask and felt a burning feeling, Bree had to take her to the hospital as the situation worsened.


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