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Home and Away’s Leah Patterson makes a big decision after dramatic Justin Morgan scenes

Next week, on UK screens, Leah Patterson of Home and Away will make a momentous decision after nearly endangering her relationship with Justin Morgan.

Heartbroken Justin continues to be in shock over Leah’s declaration that she no longer wants to marry him, even as her mental health issues continue to take a toll on her.

Scenes from Monday, February 19 and Tuesday, February 20 on Channel 5 will have Justin hard at work trying to find Leah after she vanishes. She is packing a luggage when he eventually gets to see her at home.

Leah covers, suspicious of her partner’s motives, and asks Justin if he wants a sandwich. Leah confesses her actual feelings to Theo Poulos when Justin leaves her and them alone, telling him that they are in danger because Justin is employed by the cult Vita Nova.

Leah offers another proposal when Theo tries to step in and calm her down: they should report Justin to the police.

Officer Rose Delaney approaches Theo at the station and informs him that Leah has to visit a physician. The two include Justin, but when he quickly leaves to be with Leah, her paranoia spirals out of control and she starts to believe that Rose has also joined the cult.

Leah quickly leaves as Justin’s intervention only makes matters worse. Rose attempts to talk Justin out of pursuing her, but Leah goes back to the Diner and locks herself inside. Justin pushes his way in, desperate to get past Leah, but his strategy backfires when she threatens him with a knife.


Startled to find his partner holding him at knifepoint, Justin frantically tries to persuade Leah that he is on her side. Leah becomes more and more upset as Theo enters the tense scenario and begs his aunt to put down the knife. She is still concerned that Rose is a member of Vita Nova, so Theo’s idea that they give Rose a call just makes matters worse.

Bree Cameron, the doctor, is able to persuade Leah to give up the knife when Theo contacts her. However, after Bree brings Leah home, things take a turn for the worst when Leah confesses that she doesn’t remember anything from the previous evening.

She gets scared that she might have hurt someone when she briefly remembers herself wielding a weapon. Leah begs Bree to tell her what happened that evening.

The following day, when Bree meets up with Justin and Theo, she reveals that she believes Leah had a psychotic episode, most likely brought on by a combination of her recent insomnia and the trauma she had from being abducted by Vita Nova.

Leah is broken when Justin gets a chance to talk to her. Leah understands that she could have injured her boyfriend severely and that she needs the right help, therefore she can’t accept his insistence that there is nothing for him to forgive.

While Leah is in the hospital, Bree assists her in telling her family that she would be spending some time at a mental health clinic. Leah is aware that she need intensive care, which is not available in Summer Bay.

Before Leah leaves for the clinic, where she won’t be in contact with her family, she says a tearful goodbye to Justin.

Will Leah receive the assistance she requires while she is away?


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