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Home and Away’s Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan to be kidnapped as cult storyline returns

Next week, when the last episodes of the year air on UK television, Home and Away will retell the cult story of the Vita Nova.

After this Friday, November 17, the Summer Bay soap opera on Channel 5 will be on hiatus, but to commemorate the event, a dramatic UK cliffhanger has been built in.

Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan will find out they’ve won a lavish vacation in later scenes.

Justin is happy and excited about the vacation, but Leah is hesitant to go since she thinks Marilyn Chambers, her friend, needs her.

Leah brings up the fact that Marilyn is having a falling out with Roo Stewart and needs help. Marilyn tells Leah to enjoy the holiday and not to worry about her.

When viewers see Leah and Justin again, they are imprisoned in a deserted warehouse.

It appears that when leaving Summer Bay, Leah and Justin were ambushed on the road. The culprits were the evil Vita Nova sect, who sought retribution after Justin saved Andrew Lawrence and put their leader, Margot Dafoe, in legal hot water.


The cult members have no intention of coming back to save Leah and Justin, so they have been left to perish without food or drink.

After spotting a ladder in the warehouse, Justin attempts to climb the roof of the shuttered factory. Sadly, he is crushed under the scrap metal that he is using to cross.

Leah is inconsolable at the possibility that she may have to see her cherished partner’s death, and Justin is rendered unconscious.

Leah extracts the debris from Justin’s chest with caution. When he regains consciousness, Justin says he can’t move because he shattered his ribs.

When Justin begins to cough up blood, Leah understands that there may not be much longer for him. Justin also complains that he’s having trouble breathing.

Leah realises she needs to take action and devises a fresh escape strategy: scaling the walls in the hopes of helping Justin.

Leah grabs Justin and sobs as she asks him to marry her before she tries to go. Will their vows ever be exchanged?

Home and Away will have a six-week hiatus on Channel 5 after this show, as is customary. The break will last until early January.


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